lexus lx570

2016 Lexus LX570 Courtesy: cstatic-images

In the past couple of years, I became involved in the car leasing and buying industry. It started with my interest in cars. A car is a man’s toy, but even as a child I enjoyed speaking about, looking at, reading up, etc. on cars. I think it started with having three older brothers living at home when I grew up that enjoyed cars as well. My father gets the annual consumer reports magazine on cars which comes out each April. I looked forward to that a lot. As I grew older I took it to the next level. I started reading more and more, and watching many YouTube videos about cars.

When I became a teenager, two of my older brothers were driving for leasing companies, picking up, and delivering cars. I was jealous and I couldn’t wait to get my driver’s license and start doing that as well. The day came, and I got my license. Right away, I called my brother and told him to make sure he gets me driving jobs. Some people are lucky and have an awesome older brother like I have, he put in a good word for me with the guy from the leasing company, and I started doing jobs.

Being in the leasing industry can take your knowledge on cars to the next level. In the beginning, I started off by driving. As time went on I became good friends with the two bosses. I started hanging out in the office often on random days when I was bored. I consider myself very trusted by the two bosses. The reason for that, when there is a more expensive car they call me first for the pickup. When there is a particular customer that needs more attention than others they give me that delivery. Throughout the years and jobs I’ve done, I’ve earned the customers respect for the service and the way I treat them.

All this led me to start doing sales. By doing sales I have learned about the costs, options, upgrades, people’s needs. Many people’s needs are way different than their wants. It’s crazy how many people get their car for show and yet barely get approved and can hardly pay for their car. It’s as if to say “As long as everyone thinks I have money.”

As a kid, it was about the looks on the outside of the car. Now that I’m acquainted with the leasing industry, it’s more than just the look of a car. I appreciate that there’s an interior and an engine to a car as well. I do get to drive some amazing cars. Some of them sports cars (Infiniti G37XS Coupe), some really luxurious (Jaguar XJL), and many just plain cheap cars (Chrysler Town And Country).

In my future posts, I will continue speaking about the car leasing industry, please leave feedback and feel free to share with family and friends.

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