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Is Chrysler trying to take over the minivan class?

2017 Chrysler Pacifica & Hybird

2017 Chrysler Pacifica Limited Trim(R) & Hybrid Powertrain(L) Courtesy: forbes

Chrysler has unveiled a new minivan at the 2016 International Auto Show. The Chrysler Pacifica. The Pacifica is Chrysler’s next-in-line minivan after the recently discontinued Town & Country. The Town & Country was said not to bring in enough money, especially since two-thirds of them were going to fleet sales.

The Town & Country happened to have been a very decent minivan, especially with the price it was available to lease at. Pertaining to the Town & Country Touring. Touring is a mid-based trim for the Town & Country. It was the perfect minivan to take out for a two-year lease. It came with many features, including Leather, DVD entertainment, Bluetooth, Rearview Camera, and much more. All for a low price that for most of the time fluctuated between $225 and $249 a month, and sometimes at a crazy low of $199 a month. But unfortunately, the Town & Country Continue reading


The value of Third Party Banks

2016 Lexus GSF

2016 Lexus GSF Courtesy: aolcdn

When leasing a car there are many things that can get in the way, and can make the process more costly. Some may not know that it’s more expensive, that’s because they are unaware of the fact that money can be saved here.

This paragraph may seem out of place, but please bear with me, it’ll make it easier to understand the next paragraph. When leasing a car, who does the car actually belong to? It belongs to a bank. The bank buys the car from the dealership and the customer pays the monthly payment to the bank. Each car manufacturer has their specific bank/banks that they are affiliated with that they use for auto leases. Continue reading

Why Lease? Part 2

Continuation from the Why Lease? Part 1

2016 Infiniti QX60

2016 Infiniti QX60 Courtesy: 2017releasedates

My opinion with getting cars is as follows. For your first car, buy a used one. Don’t spend too much, but don’t be cheap about it either. The first car is when you learn how to care for a car, so it should last you a couple of years. Plus, insurance is generally cheaper on a used car.

At this point you’re, past the first car and want to move forward with a better car. Your income has improved since you’ve been in college, and can afford to spend more a car. You’re done with second-hand cars at the moment. The new car feel, breaking into a car, being the first to drive a car, etc. you are craving those feelings.

A decision was made to get a new car. Now the question is either Lease or Finance? Continue reading