Why shouldn’t one go to a dealership for a car lease

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2016 Lincoln Navigator Courtesy: lincoln

One has decided to lease a new car. What happens next? Where to go? What needs to be done to make the process go as efficiently as possible?

Coming from experience my personal opinion is not to go straight to a dealership for a car. Go to your local leasing company or broker for the car. Leasing companies have the contacts to make the process of getting a car lease easier and less costly for the customer.

Dealerships often advertise on TV, publications, Radio, etc. with low price leases which may sound extremely convincing. But, often there are many hidden fees, which is only noticed once the fine print is read. But they are just trying to attract the customer to come into their dealership. Because once they have the customer in their dealership they will be able to convince most customers, somehow, to take the car. That’s what dealerships do best.

On the other hand, when using a leasing company/broker, there are no hidden fees. If there are, they are out on the table for the customer to see. Leasing companies/brokers will take care of everything for the customer. They will make sure the car is picked up from the dealership and is delivered to the customer at the customer’s convenience. Unlike when the customer goes straight to a dealership. Most dealerships will not deliver the car, and will have the customer travel to the dealership to pick up the car.

Another thing that leasing companies/brokers will take care of for the customer is the end of the lease. At the end of every car lease, the car needs to be inspected for wear and tear and needs to be returned to the dealership. Depending on the bank that the car was leased from will determine if the inspection will be done before or after the car is returned to the dealership. But most banks have the customer take care of the inspection at the end of the term before returning the car. The leasing company/broker that the customer used for the lease will help schedule the inspection and will have the car returned to the dealership as well, while the customer needs to do nothing. Unlike most dealerships which have the customer return the car to them.

Comment if you have used either a dealership or a leasing company/broker in the past, and what the experience was like.

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