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Why Lease? Part 2

Continuation from the Why Lease? Part 1

2016 Infiniti QX60

2016 Infiniti QX60 Courtesy: 2017releasedates

My opinion with getting cars is as follows. For your first car, buy a used one. Don’t spend too much, but don’t be cheap about it either. The first car is when you learn how to care for a car, so it should last you a couple of years. Plus, insurance is generally cheaper on a used car.

At this point you’re, past the first car and want to move forward with a better car. Your income has improved since you’ve been in college, and can afford to spend more a car. You’re done with second-hand cars at the moment. The new car feel, breaking into a car, being the first to drive a car, etc. you are craving those feelings.

A decision was made to get a new car. Now the question is either Lease or Finance? Continue reading